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The Roulette History Theories: What do You Believe?

Most of the casino games still being played today have been around for such a long time that their histories are not actually known for certain. But, as you probably suspect, many theories of the games exist from people around the world. This includes the game of Roulette. This is a well-known, popular game that is still played in homes and casinos and online. There are tons of different theories about the origin of this game, but three stand out over the others.

Before you start browsing for an Agen Roulette Online Terpercaya, why not learn a bit more about these theories and form your own or decide which of the three you tend to believe more? It always adds excitement to the game when you know the history and when it is such exciting theories, there is nothing to lose. You can find an Agen Roulette Online Terpercaya and enjoy playing as soon as you’ve finished educating yourself.

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The most common theory about the Roulette game is that it was first invented by Blaise Pascal in 1655. The French scientist invented the game using a spin wheel during his monastic retreat. The game is also too believed to be played in the casino for the first time in Paris. A second similar theory exists, only they don’t attribute the invention to Pascal but instead a nameless French monk.

The third of the theories is that the game was invented by French Dominican monks. It is said they designed the game after an older Tibetan game, although the actual play methods are not written and are still unknown. It is said the game came from China, but again, this information cannot be verified.

Most people agree that the first theory is the most logical and the third lacks any evidence to substantiate it whatsoever. It is then assumed the game was invented and played first in France, even if you do not believe who actually invented the game. The French origin is also easy to see when you learn the meaning of Roulette. It means small while in French and this is exactly what the game uses!

Go ahead and find your Roulette online and learn why the game is still around today. It is fun and exciting and adds an element of excitement the other games leave behind. And, you can win big money! These are the combinations of a game that you will love so don’t miss out on the fun.